Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Berrylands Fun Park.



What time do the water rides close?

During the Summer Season, water rides close at 6:00pm

Can toddlers ride the big slides?

The toddlers are only able to ride the big slides if they are accompanied by a paid adult, but there are other small slides and plenty of other rides they can use on their own with adult supervision.

Do adults pay to enter the park?

Adults may enter the park for free if they do not wish to utilize any of the rides. If they wish to accompany a toddler on an inflatable ride or would like to enjoy the inflatables on their own then they will need to purchase a pass to enjoy the rides.

Can you bring in food or drink?

We offer an area in the fun park where you can enjoy your own food or drinks. You can though choose to purchase food at our Food Cart such as hot dogs, chips, sandwiches and salad bar, cold drinks, real fruit ice creams or candyfloss.

Is there any seating or shade inside the park?

Yes there are seats. We also have marquess throughout the park.

Is there a First Aid area?

Yes there is a designated First Aid area at the entry of the fun park.

Do you have to wear socks to go on rides?

You have to wear socks on dry rides only, on water rides you go bare foot.

Do you sell socks?

Yes, we sell socks for $2.50

Do you have lockers?


Do you rent towels?


Do you host Birthday Parties?

Yes we do Birthday Parties! Please check our pricing page for more detailed information.

Can we leave the park and come back?

Yes, you can leave anytime and come back anytime during the same day as long as you keep your wristband on.

What is your rain policy?

If you are in the park for less than 2 hours and we close you will be given a free pass to come back, all wristbands are stamped with the time on it.

Do you have to pay for parking?

No, parking is free at all times!

Do you have attendants monitoring rides?

Yes, we have a large staff, an attendant is on all large slides and many other rides.

On the dry rides do you have to wear shirts?

Yes, all rides in the dry park require shirts.

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