Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Inflatable water slides Bouncing Castles; Rides Agreement Terms, Conditions & Disclaimer

Bouncing Castles; Inflatable water slides and rides we put Safety First so to  ensure that you have happy memories when visiting Berrylands Funpark

Safety First
Safety is important. With that in mind, Berrylands Fun park staff members  reserves the right to ask any pass holder that is not using the bouncy castles; rides or inflatable waterslides in a safe manner that they leave with no refund.
there are factors involved that could jeopardize the safety of other users or themselves. All safety requirements outlined in our terms and conditions
must be followed to ensure a safe and fun day.
You will be asked to Read and Sign our terms and conditions Agreement Form Below on your arrival to the funpark.

All our Castles meet CE Approvals and we comply with NZ & AUS safety standards. All our rides have their current workplace safety certificate.

B.     That not to allow overcrowding on the Bouncy Castle. Only so many children are allowed on at any one time as can safely use without causing danger
to themselves or others.

C.     That larger more boisterous children are segregated to separate times from small children;

D.    That no person over the age specified by Bouncing Castles to jump on the Bouncy Castle,

E.     No jumping on to and hanging off the walls and netting of the castle.

F.     Absolutely no climbing or sitting on the walls of the Bouncy Castle as this is dangerous to all users.

G.    No attempting somersaults, wrestling, fighting, pushing or behavior that could cause injury.

H.    No eating, drinking or chewing gum while on the Bouncy Castle to avoid damage and/or choking. No food or drink are permitted on the castle at all times

L.     No attempting somersaults, wrestling, fighting, pushing or behavior that could cause injury.

M.    The entry step and/or slide base are not for bouncing as user could easily fall and sustain injury. These are for entry and exit purposes only.

N.    That the bouncy castle must not be operated at all in winds over 40 km’s; if it gets windy remove children from inflatable and turn power off.

P.     In the event that the blower stops working, staff members will ensure all users get off the inflatable immediately.

o. All People using inflatable waterslides must come down feet first. Head first may result in serious injuries.

Q. There will be height and weight requirements for the larger inflatable waterslides and a staff member will ensure you meet these before using these.

R. There will be a staff member on each of our larger inflatable waterslides to ensure only one person at time comes down at a time to prevent any serious injury incurring.

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